FAQ'S | Apartment Rentals in NYC

Finding an affordable apartment in New York City can be confusing and exhausting, especially for first-time renters, which is why our New York City apartments experts are here to help!

Of course! If your budget is tight, we suggest that you consider one of our multi-bedroom shares. Finding a roommate is good way to save even more -- and you can both enjoy an apartment that is designed to be shared, but with total privacy.

We offer studios starting at $1,980, one bedrooms start at $2,150, flex two bedrooms starting at $2,250, and three & four bedrooms, where rent can be as low as $1,130 per person. Have in mind that these prices are estimates and may vary depending on the market.

A Flex 2BR is one of our most popular apartment layouts. This layout provides a separate bedroom for each resident, ideal for privacy, and ideal for their budgets. Flex 2 BR’s can start for as low as $1,100 per resident.

We offer leases with terms from as little as 2 months, short term leases (2-11 months), and long term leases (12+ months). In addition, we offer summer rentals and holiday rentals.

Short term leases are a great choice in New York City, but they don't work for everyone. In general, interns and students, tourists, and professionals arriving in NY for a training or research fellowship are great candidates for short term leases. We offer some of the best prices downtown for short-term leases, convenient locations, and some are offered furnished!

If you have a short term lease, it may be smart to rent furniture instead of buying it. Any of our units can be furnished by renting furniture from a reliable furniture rental company. In the past, customers have worked with Churchill Living, CORT and AFR Furniture Rental successfully. Typically furniture can be selected online or in person at the showrooms of established furniture rental companies -- so don't worry about ending up with a house filled with stuff you don't like.

We also offer tastefully furnished apartments, making move-in quick and easy - just bring your suitcase!

Perhaps. We try to keep our listings as complete and up-to-date as possible. If you know you'll be moving some months in the future and you don't see apartments for your preferred date of occupancy listed yet, contact us. We may be aware of apartments that will become available in the future but are not yet posted. And keep checking the site as we get closer to your date!

Yes! Apartments in New York City do get rented quickly-you can stay ahead of the curve by signing up to our mailing list, where you’ll be notified of featured apartments. Please email us at [email protected] and request to be added to our mailing list. We may also be aware of apartments that will become available in the future but are not yet posted. In addition, feel free to keep checking our site.

You must fill out the application form completely and be prepared to show us a government issued photo ID (driver's license of ID) or passport. We will also need your social security number and your bank information. See the "Steps for Submitting Application" section on the third page of the application.

Yes! We welcome applicants from all over the world. We even accept international guarantors! Luckily, all leases and guaranty agreements are signed electronically so no one from across the world will have to be present for the lease signing.

Yes. Thanks to our location in the heart of the Village, many of our residents are students from colleges throughout NYC. We also rent to lots of interns!

Yes, students can use student loans to pay rent.

That's okay! We rent to people in all types of situations, including those who are moving into their own apartment for the first time. We understand that everyone has to start somewhere. Just tell us where you've been living on your application.

Yes! But, your Guarantor must have excellent credit and sufficient resources to cover your rent if you can't.

A Guarantor is someone who agrees to be equally responsible for all of the terms of your lease. The Guarantor is asked to step in should you be unable to handle your affairs, fail to pay the rent or violate the terms of your lease. Each applicant must have a Guarantor.

Yes, a Guarantor is required for all applicants.

Yes, a Guarantor is required for all applicants.

In case you are unable, for any reason, to fulfill the terms of your lease, a Guarantor can step in and handle your affairs. For example, if you were to become sick or incapacitated, a Guarantor would be called upon to look after your apartment, carry out your responsibilities under the lease or wind down your affairs and return the apartment to us in a legal fashion.

Most often, a parent acts as guarantor. However, relatives, employers, or associates who have excellent financial statements, excellent credit and agree to pay the rent if you are unable, can also qualify.

Sure. If you've established a good track record with us, we are happy to move you to one of our other apartments and keep you as a resident. Get in touch with [email protected] if you want to learn more. However, it's important to keep in mind if the rent is substantially higher at the place you want to move to, you will have to re-qualify for the apartment.

Yes! We are a pet-friendly company (for or non-furnished apartments). However, pet approvals are handled on a pet by pet basis. Pets will be interviewed along with the applicant to determine if the animal can conduct itself properly. At any time, we may ask you to remove your pet if its conduct is deemed objectionable. (So tell Fido to be nice!) Unfortunately, we can't accept pets in our furnished apartments. Too risky for furniture damage, or future resident with future allergies. Sorry about that!

Usually, NY resident pay electricity, cooking gas, cable and internet (if desired).

Absolutely! Aside from a cashier’s check, we accept payments in the form of a money order or wire transfer -- no matter where they're from. It can be helpful to note that a wire transfer sent from an international bank may take up to 7 business days to arrive into our account.

The secuirty deposit amount totals one month of rent.

A security deposit serves to protect the landlord if the resident breaks or violates the terms of the lease agreement. So, that means if you stop paying rent or just decide to move out, your landord can keep your security deposit to cover any financial losses. A security deposit can also be used to cover damage to the property, cleaning (if personal belongings are left behind or in terrible condition), for key replacement after you move out, and more.

Yes. Each individual over the age of 18 years old who intends to occupy the apartment must complete an application and adhere to the application process.

Once you have found an apartment that you like, it’s important that you secure it as New York City has one of the most competitive real estate markets! Please e-mail your application and supporting documents to [email protected], and bring in your application fees. The paperwork can also be dropped off physically at our office at 11 Waverly Place.

Since only one set of applications is reviewed at a time for an apartment, a good faith deposit is money that you put forward, upfront, that signals your intention to follow through once you get approval.

Unlike the processing fee, the good faith holding deposit is per apartment, not per applicant. Once you get approved and decide to rent, the holding deposit is applied to the money due at signing. If you change your mind about the apartment and decide to back-out, you forfeit the holding deposit. If, on the other hand, despite being pre-screened, your application is declined, the holding deposit is refunded.

Generally it takes us 24-72 business hours to process an application.

Not really. Since all apartments are rented ‘as is”, we prefer that you visit the apartment in person (not just photos). If you can't make it to New York, try to send a trusted party on your behalf before submitting an application. We understand it’s not always possible to get someone in the apartment, especially if you're currently outside of NY. Therefore, we also offer virtual tours via FaceTime.

The earliest you can move-in is the first day of your lease 3pm or after.