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Moving is always challenging — even if you’re just moving yourself, a human. But moving with a furry friend can be particularly difficult, especially if you’re moving in a big city like New York. If you’re planning to move with pets, fear not! You won’t have to leave beloved Fido behind. Just keep in mind…

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Pretty much all apartments in New York City for rent have one thing in common: you have lots of neighbors. In a city of over 8 million people, it’s no surprise that apartments are built to house a lot of people and that means you might be in pretty close proximity to others in your…

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It’s time to write the checks for your new rental apartment — the what and why of a security deposit When completing the lease on your new Manhattan apartment rental, there’s one check you may have wondered about: the security deposit. You ask, “Why do I need to pay a security deposit?” The answer is…

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